About us

We are an Estonian wholesale timber trade company that is based on local capital. Karro commenced its activity in 1988 as a cooperative, at the very end of the Soviet era in Estonia. Since 1992 the business form was Inc (AS), in 1997 it was changed into ltd (OÜ).

Our area of expertise includes both hard- and softwood manufacturing and sawn timber sales. We produce the lumber at sawmills in Russia, dry it and import it to Estonia. Our products are used in various fields of manufacturing: construction, furniture, wood processing etc. Most of our material is sold in the local market, but some of it is treated and then exported to other European countries and Asia.

We carefully assess the quality of the lumber and take care of the transportation and custom charges, tracking the product until its arrival to our client. We help our partners save time spent on finding the products they need, so they can concentrate on their own field of work. High quality service, accuracy and reliability - these are the reasons why you should choose us to be your partner!

Our goal is to become a reliable part of your business!


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